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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I make reservations?
    Reservations can be made by calling 727.219.7424.
  • Do I have to pay when I make the reservation?
    Reservations are required to secure your yacht charter and can be paid by Credit Cards or Digital Wallet Apps such as Venmo/Paypal. Full payment will be required on the day of reservation.
  • How far in advance can I make a reservation?
    Reservations can be made up to six (6) months in advance to guarantee your place with Beaches & Blue Sky Charters.
  • What’s included in the price of the Charter?
    Pricing will include all accommodations upon the yacht of your choice. Snacks/Water/Ice will be included. All additional beverages will be on a BYO basis. No RED WINE or COFFEE will be allowed on any charter.
  • Commitment to Safety?
    Beaches & Blue Sky Charters go above and beyond to provide you with an experience of a lifetime while providing the safest and healthiest charter available. All captains are USCG approved with a vast knowledge of the water and areas.
  • Smoking Policy?
    Absolutely NO SMOKING at any times while on a Beaches & Blue Sky Charter.
  • Dress Code?
    All clothing should be comfortable and fun. We do ask to be aware of all buttons/zippers/jewelry that can tear/rip/poke your yachts upholstery. Any damage that occurs due to such will be deducted from your deposit as well as additional charges can be applied.
  • Weather Policy?
    Tampa Bay weather can change in a heartbeat but Beaches & Blue Skies are always close. Your charter captain will make the final decision with safety first in mind. Any named storms will warrant a cancellation of a charter and your deposit will be refunded (minus administration fee) or a full credit will be available for up to one (1) year from date of reservation.
  • Boarding your charter?
    Beaches & Blue Sky Yacht Charters has multiple pick-up sites available and will make arrangements with groups contact person for pick-up once reservation is made.
  • How many passengers allowed?
    Beaches & Blue Sky Yacht Charters can accommodate up to 6 paying passengers.
  • Communication with Captain?
    Your captain will be available for communication at all times via our website
  • Photography allowed?
    We encourage you to make memories on your charter and take all the pictures you want. We will provide drone footage of your charter as well to view for many years to come.
  • Damage Policy?
    Any damage to our yachts or extensive additional cleaning needed will be deducted from the deposit submitted at time of reservation. Any or such needs will be documented and saved for references. Captain of the charter has all final say in damages occurred.
  • Illegal Drugs Policy?
    There will be ZERO TOLERANCE of any federally illegal drugs. If detected or sighted, the charter will be immediately canceled and all passengers will need to disembark and NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.
  • Cancellation/Refund Policy?
    All cancellations outside of your seventy-two (72) window will receive a full refund (minus $350 admin fee) or will receive a full credit towards a future charter within one (1) year of cancellation. If reservation is canceled within your 72 hour window, no refunds will be granted. If your reservation is canceled by Beaches & Blue Sky Yacht Charters, a full refund or credit will be granted.
  • Injury Policy?
    Upon day of charter, the person responsible for the charter (charterer) will sign a waiver stating that they will take full responsibility and hold Beaches & Blue Sky harmless and take full responsibility for their and their guest actions. The charterer has taken full ownership of the vessel and is responsible for all actions of parties involved. Consuming alcohol until intoxicated will not be tolerated and the captain of the charter will make decisions to end such charter if so detected. If the charter is terminated, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.
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